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Stewart Connector, a division of Bel Fuse, has released RJ modular connectors coated with an Environmentally Protective Compound, EPP-918A gel.

This gel has been developed exclusively to provide both lubrication and pore-blocking properties to significantly extend the life of voice and data connections.

Offering corrosion, dirt, moisture, humidity and chemical resistance, the gel also protects the integrity of RJ45 and RJ11 jacks from wear resulting from repetitive mating and un-mating forces.

EPP-918A gel adheres to contacts instantly upon application and remains intact, eliminating the additional tape, mechanical barriers or cure time frequently required with similar products.

It contains ultraviolet (UV) tracer-dye to enable visual inspection and is applied to the connectors’ gold-plated contacts during manufacture.

Low-level contact resistance (LLCR) reliability tests indicate no significant changes to contacts after 10,000 cycles.

In addition to single-port jacks, the gel is available on all shielded and unshielded Stewart Connector modular devices, including those with up to 12 ports; in vertical and right angle configurations; and with or without LEDs.

EPP-918A parts are more eco-friendly than conventional modular connectors as their long life cuts down on the waste resulting from discarded electronic components.

Meeting the stringent requirements for modular connectors utilised in harsh environmental conditions, the RoHS- and REACH-compliant jacks are specified for virtually all industrial, commercial and consumer applications where environmental protection and/or multiple mating cycles are required.

They are most commonly used in fibre to the home (FTTH), industrial ethernet, and outdoor network and communications equipment.

Jacks are appropriate in military field equipment, field test equipment, EMT communications devices, fire and law enforcement equipment, marine environments, and in mining, oil and manufacturing applications.

Stewart Connector’s EPP-918A parts are moreover appropriate in electronic gaming and video equipment.

The modular jacks’ specifications include an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C and an ability to withstand high-temperature soldering (in excess of 260C for 10 seconds).

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