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Gresham Power Electronics has introduced the PS-1138 high-power module, which is designed for use in MicroTCA systems.

It supports shelves, cubes, MicroTCA enclosures and other implementations, and complies with the PICMG MicroTCA Revision 1.0 specification.

The PS-1138 provides functionality for powering, managing and protecting a MicroTCA system that includes up to 12 Advanced Micro-Controllers, two MicroTCA carrier hubs and two cooling units.

MicroTCA offers the telecom market a standardised, highly configurable, hardware platform for a broad range of applications, able to be produced in high volumes at low cost.

MicroTCA provides a system architecture allowing AdvancedMC mezzanine cards to be plugged directly into a MicroTCA backplane without a carrier card and its associated costs.

The MicroTCA architecture offers high availability systems from none to fully redundant as hot-swappable cubes.

The Gresham Power Electronics PS-1138 provides 600W of output power in the form of 16 channels of 12V at 7.6A and 16 channels of 3.3V at 150mA.

The PS-1138 is hot swappable, can be configured for N+1 redundant operation, provides monitoring and reporting of power system status and can manage and isolate faults affecting the power system.

The PS-1138 also supports redundant IPMI (IPMB-0) communication with the MCH/carrier-manager, enables and provides power to AMCs, CUs, and additional MCHs and includes an Enhanced Module Management Controller using two IPMBs (IPMB-A and IPMB-B).

The new Gresham PS-1138 MicroTCA power supply has a universal input voltage of 90-264V AC at 50/60Hz, offers more than 90 per cent efficiency and a power factor of 0.99 typical.

It is protected against overload, short circuit, over voltage and over temperature, and meets Class B conducted emission standards.

Environmental specifications include an operating temperature range of -10 to 55C at full load with 300 LFM forced air cooling, random vibration tested from 10 to 500Hz, three axis, 1.9 GRMS maximum and shock tested at peak acceleration of 1GPK maximum.

International safety standards pending include UL, cUL 60950-1, CSA 60950-1 and VDE 60950-1 The Gresham Power PS-1138 MicroTCA power supply is suitable for enterprise and data communications, telecom edge applications and customer premises equipment, digital imaging, industrial and medical equipment.

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