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Prosim has integrated a module to represent the operations of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) in its steady-state process simulator Prosimplus, which is suited for use in the chemical industries.

Prosim solutions are also suitable for applications in the refinement, gas-treatment and specialties-chemical industries, as well as in the pharmaceutical, food-processing and energy industries.

The Prosimplus SOFC module establishes accurate mass and energy balances of the electrochemical cells stack that constitutes the battery core.

The reforming part is simulated using a fixed conversion rate reactor or equilibrium reactor.

In each case, the operating temperature is imposed since the thermal efficiency is calculated.

Additionally, in order to represent the reforming operation the most accurately possible, information streams are also used to transfer the operation temperature (T) and the thermal efficiency (Q) required for the reforming to the SOFC module.

In addition to the outlet-stream characteristics, the SOFC module calculates parameters including, in particular, the consumption rate of the fuel, the energy efficiency, the real electric power or the air channel.

This model can be used for single-cell analysis, system design or fuel-processing systems design and integration.

It provides a starting point for understanding and analysing the different aspects of operation of a single cell and of a process utilising one or more fuel cells.

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