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Moduleworks, a supplier of CAD/CAM components for toolpath generation and simulation, has announced the latest release of its CAM components, version 2009.3.

The release offers a wide range of features across the product range, further expanding capability for the different areas of 3-5 axis toolpath creation and machine simulation.

The 3-axis machining component adds new options for toolpath control in roughing.

Aimed at maintaining a smooth motion and constant feed rate, roughing allows corner motion to be smoothed and new S-shape link moves to be generated between passes.

Smoothing is also an option for the final pass but separate control is provided for maximum flexibility.

Finally, a ‘remove corner peg’ control is used to ensure complete material removal, especially useful when higher stopovers are employed.

The four and 5-axis machining components have been further refined with improvements focussed on toolpath control, particular during linking and collision avoidance motion.

Link control now has the ability to follow stock when connecting larger gaps; this has the benefit of being safe while minimising the motion during the link move.

Moduleworks Simulation includes backplot control to help visualise and optimise toolpath motion.

Lead and link moves may be switched off and control is now provided to allow a limited number of toolpath segments to be displayed at any one time.

These features improve visualisation of the toolpath and allow users to better understand tool motion in the virtual world.

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