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Moeller Electric has announced the launch of an enhanced range of xStart contactors in a range of sizes that cover AC3 switching requirements from 15kW up to 90kW, 400V.

The new sizes available are DILM15, DILM38, DILM72 and DILM170, in addition to the compact DILM570 model, rated 315kW, 400V, AC3.

Moeller has also introduced side-mounting auxiliary contracts as well as IP2X protective terminal covers.

With electrical lifespans up to 500,000 switching operations for the DILM38 and 750,000 switching operations for the other sizes, the DILM contactors are a cost- effective alternative to standard contactors in the current range.

A further benefit is the low heat dissipation that, particularly with DC contactors, helps keep the panel or enclosure size down.

The electronic coil system featured by DC-operated contactors allows direct operation from low-power PLC outputs, eliminating the need for interfacing relays.

Like other models in the xStart range, the enhanced contactors are compatible with pluggable main and control connections for the links between the contactor and the PKZM0 motor-protection circuit breakers.

This reduces the wiring time required, leads to compact assemblies and eliminates the risk of wiring errors.

The DILM570 contactor has a mounting width 36 per cent less than the existing DILM580 that, in most applications, it can replace.

It also offers cost savings compared with the DILM580, while maintaining an electrical lifespan of 750,000 operations.

The side-mounting auxiliary contact blocks, 1NO or 1NC, which are available with screw or spring-clamp terminals, are suitable for use with DILA contactor relays, DILM7 to DILM15 contactors.

They are ideal for use with contactors mounted in control panels where the headroom above the contactor is limited.

With the introduction of the IP2X protective covers, Moeller is offering a finger-safe option, in line with EN 60529, for its entire contactor range up to 170A.

The covers clip into place on the main terminals, and have been designed so that the ability of the contactors to accommodate accessories and large cables is unaffected.

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