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Eaton’s Moeller Business has added four digital and analogue input/output (I/O) modules and three CANopen modules to its range of Easy control products.

The new Easy410 digital I/O modules offer six inputs and four outputs and are available in both transistor and relay output versions.

For users requiring analogue I/O, Easy406 modules provide two 10-bit analogue inputs, which can be configured for 0-10V, 0-20mA or Pt100 operation, as well as a single 0-10V analogue output, while Easy411 modules feature six configurable 10-bit analogue inputs and two 0-10V analogue outputs.

Both of the new analogue modules provide one digital input and two digital transistor outputs.

All of the new modules are suitable for local operation or, when used in conjunction with the Easy200-Easy expansion module, to provide remote I/O at distance of up to 30m from the main control device.

Compatible devices include Easyrelay intelligent control relays, EasyHMI user interface products, Easysafety safety systems and Easycontrol controllers.

Eaton’s Moeller Business has also added further support for CANopen to the Easy range in the form of the CP4-CAN interface module and the EC4E remote expansion module, which is available in two versions.

The CP4-CAN interface is suitable for use with the EasyHMI MFD80 display to produce a cost-effective user display capable of showing up to four lines of 16 characters.

The EC4E CANopen remote expansion modules are designed for use with Easycontrol EC4 compact controllers.

They provide six digital inputs and four digital outputs and are offered in both relay and transistor output versions.

They can be further extended with modules from the Easyrelay range, making it a simple task to implement remote I/O nodes with up to 18 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs.

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