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The Moeller Electric Easysafety programmable safety relays add safety functions to all types of control systems.

Easysafety relays provide facilities for standard control functions as well as safety functions.

All Easysafety relays are supplied pre-programmed with a range of safety function blocks.

These include emergency stop functions, guard door monitoring, zero and over-speed detection and two-hand control, as well as dedicated functions for use with safety mats, safety foot switches and operating mode selector switches.

Users simply choose the function blocks and configure them to suit their application.

This programming can be carried out on the relay itself for models with an integrated display, or with the aid of the Easysoft Safety software package running on a PC.

Password protection facilities are provided.

Programmable safety relays in the Easysafety range are available with a liquid crystal display screen.

This can facilitate programming and show user-defined messages.

All Easysafety relays have 14 safety inputs and are available either with four relay outputs or one redundant output plus four transistor outputs.

The outputs are all designed as safety outputs.

Easysafety relays can be used as standalone devices, integrated into larger systems, or enhanced with other products from the Easyrelay range.

Remote display facilities can, for example, be added by using an MFD Titan unit, and all Easysafety relays incorporate an easyNet interface that makes networking simple.

The Easysafety units meet the requirements of Category 4 in line with EN 954-1, PL e in line with EN ISO 13849-1, SILCL 3 in line with EN IEC 62061 and SIL3 in line with EN IEC 61508.

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