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The Xcomfort range from Moeller Electric has been designed to offer centralised control facilities for a building’s electrical equipment to maximise energy savings, safety and security.

Xcomfort products – suitable for residential and commercial applications – use bi-directional mesh network wireless technology, which means that input devices such as switches, temperature sensors and presence detectors can be installed without the need for wiring.

This allows the devices to be sited exactly where they are needed, as well as cutting installation costs and minimising disturbance to the fabric of the building.

Moving the devices to new locations, a frequent requirement in today’s dynamic commercial environment, is also claimed to be easy and inexpensive.

In addition, Xcomfort installations can be readily expanded with minimum disruption.

The bi-directional operation of the Xcomfort wireless system is intended to make it particularly reliable, as it enables the central controller to confirm to input devices that their signals have been received.

If an input device fails to receive this confirmation within a few hundred milliseconds of sending a signal, the signal is automatically repeated.

The Xcomfort system is claimed to be a powerful tool for saving energy.

All key influences, including inside and outside temperatures, light levels and room occupancy can be taken into account automatically to provide efficient and effective control over heating and lighting.

As well as their extensive applications in commercial premises, Xcomfort products can be used to provide a high degree of home automation, including pre-programmed lighting schemes for living areas and bedrooms, timed operation of television and lights to deter burglars and even automatic operation of window blinds.

They can also be used to implement control of heating and air-conditioning systems.

Full manual control is possible, either with remote controllers or with permanently installed switches.

Xcomfort systems can also provide monitoring functions, to check, for example, that particular appliances have been turned off or to raise an alarm in the event of a water leak or if an intruder breaks a window.

At the heart of the Xcomfort range is the wall-mounted Home Manager module, which provides access to all of an installation’s functions and shows their status on a large integrated display.

This is complemented by Room Manager modules that provide access and monitoring for all of the functions in up to three rooms.

Switching modules in the range are suitable for use with almost any type of load, including lights, heaters and pumps, and they are complemented by special-purpose actuators for use with window blinds and for dimming lights.

Input devices include wall-mounting wireless switches, temperature sensors, PIR motion sensors and binary input units that allow conventional wired switches to be connected to Xcomfort systems.

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