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Moisture Analyser Range Brochure - .PDF file.

Sartorius has designed the PMD300 moisture analyser series for online analysis to provide the user with a complete overview of the current state of a production process or the state of a batch.

Using microwave resonance technology, the user continuously receives the moisture content of material in less than a second.

Using this information, the process can immediately be adjusted to the measurement results.

The analysis is independent of matrix properties such as product colour or density.

As a result, different batches can be analysed without recalibrating, which is a tremendous advantage for natural products.

Online analysis means that entire batches are measured continuously and precisely.

In production processes, a predefined moisture content must often be reached before proceeding to the next step (batch processing).

As the moisture content is permanently monitored using the PMD300, the ideal conditions for the drying or baking process can be met.

The temperature in the oven, the air supply and the conveyor belt speed are automatically adjusted to the current moisture content of the product.

The PMD300 not only saves valuable energy, it also increases process safety and effectiveness, said Sartorius.

The user has continuous control over the moisture content of products.

The PMD300 series averages the individual measurements over a user-defined period and then sends them to a PC, switch cabinet or PLC controller.

The analysed material can be further processed directly thereafter.

Both core and surface moisture content are analysed using several different sensors.

This way, the analysis can be customised to the sample and process as each situation requires.

Depending on the type of sensor, the measurable range lies between 0.1 per cent and 60 per cent moisture content.

Due to its compact form and high protection rating, the PMD300 can be used in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

The ultra-sensitive planar sensors, featuring a special ceramic surface, are especially suited for use on conveyor belts or in hoppers.

Bypass sensors, which can measure both density and moisture content, are suited for pourable or granulated products that are transported through pipes.

The PMD300 can also be used in the incoming goods department to analyse raw materials continuously and document the results.

Instead of doing spot checks, the entire batch is monitored continuously.

Water content levels for products with legal maximum values can also be exactly maintained.

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