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PMD320PA-000U and PMD325PA-000U - .PDF file.

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Sartorius is offering two moisture meter series, the PMD320 and LMA320, based on microwave-resonance technology.

The analysers deliver fast, precise moisture and density determination that is independent of density and suitable for use within the process and in the lab.

The LMA320 series is suitable for moisture analysis in pourable, granulated and panel-shaped products, such as wooden platforms.

Moisture contents from 0.05 per cent to approximately 60 per cent can be determined.

The microwave resonance technology method determines surface and core moisture.

Using the biparametric method, the LMA320 can measure moisture content, regardless of the product’s density.

This method performs non-destructive measurement, so does not alter the samples, leaving them available for further use.

The modular system, featuring a variety of sensor types and sensitivities, is maintenance free.

Delivering up to 800 single measurements per second, the series ensures high accuracy, even on measurements taken directly on the conveyer belt or in pipes.

This feature ensures that fluctuations in moisture content and any inhomogeneities are detected early.

The process can also be adapted automatically.

A graphical user interface guides through the software and the user can perform moisture calibrations using auto-calibration functions.

This feature enables the user to divide the calibrations into different categories and plot the calculations with varying regression coefficients.

Analysers in the PMD320 series can be integrated into existing processes and feature optimal data connection and interface flexibility.

The highly sensitive planar sensors of the PMD320 series have a ceramic surface that is suitable for use on conveyer belts or in silos, for example.

Analysis and documentation during the incoming goods inspection, processing and outgoing inspection of pourable and granulated products is also possible.

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