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The installation of Ishida’s new Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS) for checkweighers has delivered cost savings and production line optimisation at Polish coffee, tea and cocoa producer Mokate.

The IDCS is a software solution that can help factory managers make decisions regarding investment in new packing machinery or changes to existing operations and procedures by visualising and indicating where cost savings – on the packing or processing line – can be made.

The system records data from every single pack weighed by an Ishida checkweigher (data from up to 100 checkweighers can be recorded by one IDCS) into a single secure database.

The reports generated can indicate, for example, how much product is being given away in any given time period (per minute, hour, shift, week, month or year) or how often lines are not operating when they should.

Mokate has two factories in Poland – in Zory, producing cappuccino, coffee, coffee drinks, cocoa and coffee creamer, and in Ustron, producing tea – along with two factories in the Czech Republic and distribution facilities in Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine.

The company supplies coffee, tea and cocoa throughout Central and Eastern Europe and also exports to China.

It is now also selling its cappuccino in Italy.

Mokate has been using Ishida checkweighers, supplied via Fenix Systems, Ishida’s agent in Poland, for several years.

The availability of the IDCS offered additional advantages by enabling Mokate to more accurately monitor its entire packing operation in order to identify both potential problems and cost-saving opportunities.

The company initially installed the IDCS on a single checkweigher for a three-month test period.

During its first day of operation, the software identified that a number of unplanned stoppages were longer than anticipated.

The software also helped to evaluate reasons for packaging material losses.

As a result, Mokate purchased a further 12 Ishida checkweighers with IDCS software and it has now retrofitted the IDCS to all existing checkweighers in its factories.

The company has identified a number of key benefits of the IDCS; the software provides full online supervision of production lines, delivering detailed information on individual shifts, production volume, throughput and film consumption.

Centralised control eliminates operator errors during product setup.

The IDCS also enables effective monitoring and control of the volumetric fillers by using the information from the checkweighers to adjust their filling rates and to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency.

The system is also able to identify and help resolve problems in other upstream machines such as mixers and feeders.

One of the most noticeable savings that the IDCS has generated has been through its ability to control what had previously been an extensive loss of film during the packing process.

Each roll of film is weighed before it is put onto the machine and this information is fed into the IDCS.

The system can then calculate the amount of film used to produce a particular number of sachets and highlight the amount of wastage through rejected packs or through film losses during machine adjustments.

This information is also used to allow Mokate to control the thickness of the film.

Ensuring that the correct amount of film is used maximises the number of packs that can be produced during each production run.

The IDCS provides detailed reports that can be accessed at each factory or from another location via the internet.

According to Mokate, the system has generated notable production efficiency and operator improvements, with better overall control and monitoring, meaning that problems can be dealt with more quickly.

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