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Molex Incorporated has announced that its HSAutolink cable connection system supports the 1394 Trade Association Automotive specification.

The specification, which was introduced in July last year, extends the original IDB 1394 Automotive Standard that stipulates the use of optical media to include operation over cabling media.

HSAutolink is established in vehicle media applications and the additional support for the 1394 Copper Automotive specification extends the range into other critical vehicle applications.

The Molex HSAutolink shielded twisted pair cable connection system optimises the use of the 1394 (Firewire) standard infotainment and telematic devices, as well as safety camera, automotive management, service, diagnostics and other in-vehicle applications.

HSAutolink is an emerging high-speed data bus for vehicles.

The data bus encompasses technologies used in other markets, such as universal serial bus (USB), low voltage differential signaling (LVDS), 1394 and Ethernet.

Molex has packaged a five-pin shielded connection system from the consumer market into a more rugged connector system to meet the car manufacturers’ mechanical requirements, as well as the stringent requirements of USCAR, an umbrella organisation of Chrysler LLC, Ford and General Motors, formed to conduct cooperative, pre-competitive research.

HSAutolink provides the features and mechanisms needed for high-speed extensions with the ability to signal over single-hop distances of up to 8m using as many as five in-line connectors.

Technical specifications and deployment details on the 1394 Copper Automotive specification are available from the 1394 Trade Association.

The specification applies to embedded vehicle system networks and ICs, allowing the attachment of clusters of embedded 1394 devices.

It also includes a comprehensive section on power management improvements.

‘The 1394 Copper Automotive specification allows car manufacturers to use copper media in a cost-effective manner, over distances that were initially felt to be unachievable in a single link – let alone those with multiple links,’ said Mike Gardner, technical marketing manager for comfort and infotainment at Molex, and one of the chapter leaders of the 1394 Automotive Work Group.

‘With its development and verification work on the standard, Molex engineers have made the HSAutolink product line fully compliant with the 1394 Copper Automotive specification.’

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