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Molex will launch a range of interconnect solutions that address the specific needs of the medical, renewable energy, automotive and non-automotive transportation, and lighting markets at Electronica.

The Illumimate range of 2.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors are among the products to be highlighted at the event.

The Illumimate series is claimed to offer the narrowest width of any similar low-power connector system and meets the needs of thin-screen LED televisions.

The connectors also offer a robust dual-positive locking design, which includes locking windows for insertion and a user-friendly latch, to ensure secure mating.

Other features of the Illumimate range include a dual-contact terminal design for secure electrical contact, wide solder tabs for assured PCB retention and polarising ribs between circuits in the header that facilitate mating and protect contacts.

The company will also introduce new product developments for the sealed, hybrid, high-density and modular CMC connector system, the CMX range.

The CMX range is suitable for powertrain applications, such as those found in engine control units (ECU), automatic gearboxes, suspension controllers and electrical parking brakes.

A key feature of the CMX connector is the design of the interfacial seal protection, which ensures the connector remains protected before mating, and during mating and unmating operations.

CMX connectors use CTX terminals, which are available in .635mm (0.25in) and 1.50mm (.059in) sizes.

The CTX features a clean-body-type terminal design that is said to perform well in harsh environments, while serving low-, medium- and high-current applications.

The use of high-conductivity copper alloy allows good stress relaxation and current carrying properties.

Molex has also introduced the Customer Convenience Port (CCP) modules designed to provide the automotive and NAT markets with access to the high-speed audio and video connections needed for computers, video displays, CD players, DVD players and video games.

The CCP modules can be quickly and cost-effectively designed and supplied with high-level custom options including full I/O integration, passive and active PCB routing and mechanical enclosure design.

The power supply and media-bus architecture is designed to adapt to customers’ existing application requirements, thereby eliminating or reducing the need for application redesign.

Other features include the use of multiple connection types, such as HSAutolink connectors, USB, HDMI, IEEE 1394, Ethernet, SD memory cards and auxiliary jack inputs, to meet end-system requirements.

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