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The Bencere tooling division of Mollart Engineering has transformed the process of producing impeller motor shafts for a customer, through installing a multi-surface carbide roller burnishing tool.

Through its application development of the burnishing process with the customer at least GBP40 has been saved per component by eliminating a subcontract grinding process.

As a result of the application, two burnishing cycles have been integrated into a single turning operation.

The 316 stainless-steel motor shaft had two critical ground diameters: 50mm by 100mm long and 54mm by 70mm in length.

Both had to be produced to 0.4Ra surface finish.

By changing the process to roller burnishing using the Bencere multi-surface carbide roller burnishing tool, the customer was able to pre-size the diameters to leave 0.025mm of stock material and then, during the same programmed cycle, roller burnish the two critical diameters.

Most important with the Bencere system was that the same S2075-00 tool held in the turret of the Haas lathe was used for both surfaces.

The machine was run at 800revs/min with a 0.1mm/rev feed.

The tool was set via a sidescrew in the shank against a pre-loaded spring that accommodated bi-directional loading of 0.5mm on each diameter in order to take up any variation in the turned surface of the part.

As a result, the customer is now producing both highly finished diameters between 0.2 and 0.3Ra in less than 130 seconds.

This has saved the cost of carriage to the subcontract grinding shop, packing, possible quality issues and delays in lead time while the grinding is taking place, and the customer now has total control over the whole manufacturing process.

The multi-surface roller burnishing tool can be used on internal and external diameters, radii, counterbores and end faces.

It incorporates a carbide roll that rotates on a precision bearing to exert a surface pressure, both axially and radially, on the component.

Tools in the Bencere series are available to process most materials up to 40HRc from a minimum bore size in a component of 4.75mm.

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