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Mollart trepanning centres enable users to machine a bore between 80 and 300mm diameter by up to 1.2m deep from solid to create a section of tube from an up to 600mm diameter bar or billet.

The Mollart TPA-600 and TPA-1200 Trepanning Centres also enable the recovery of the core for further use, providing an economical process for producing tubular or cored lengths from larger material.

The Trepanning Centre uses a hollow endmill-style rotating cutter head with the larger TPA-1200 machine powered by a 45kW motor through a three-speed gearbox.

The material to be processed is held stationary in a hydraulic fixed chuck and is supported using a steady on the bed.

The toolhead has a relatively narrow cutter width to produce a kurf of 10mm through a series of standard ISO insert cartridges equi-spaced on the inner and outer diameters.

On a 250mm cutter, for example, up to eight cartridges would be utilised to enable a balanced cut to be performed.

The cutter is fed by two 300l/min capacity high-flow coolant pumps to clear swarf created from the high penetration rate of feed and to prevent the material packing and eventually jamming.

Filtration, chip conveyors and chillers are all included in the machine’s specification.

The stroke of the TPA-1200 machine is 600mm, but by trepanning part way, withdrawing the cutter head and rotating the part 180deg, the machine can be recycled to produce a total tube depth up to 1.2m deep with a typical low level of mismatch at the centre within 0.5mm.

The cutter head is programmable between 10 and 850rev/min.

A typical time to process mild steel with a 250mm bore by 600mm deep would be within 8min.

The machine uses Fanuc OiM control as standard, however, other systems can be interfaced and operational software is written by Mollart engineers.

A range of material-handling devices can also be provided by Mollart.

Both machines can also be used for drilling from solid using spade or U-drills.

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