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Money Controls has selected Telsonic to provide the ultrasonic technology and systems required to assemble brass and metal inserts within thermoplastic components.

The use of brass or metal inserts in thermoplastic components provides a strong, reliable and consistent method of assembly, especially in applications where components may have to be subsequently removed for maintenance or replacement.

In an ideal world, these inserts would always be encapsulated within the component at the injection-moulding stage; however, this is not always economically or technically feasible.

Traditional methods used to assemble these inserts, post-moulding, include mechanical pressing, where, depending on the insert type and thermoplastic used, the assembly process may be performed with or without the use of heat.

Although widely used, these methods can sometimes be slow and may also be prone to inducing stress within the moulded part if the process, especially when heat is being used, is not correctly controlled.

Ultrasonic technology is said to provide a fast, consistent and measurable solution to the assembly of brass and metal inserts within thermoplastic components.

Ultrasonics also offers a high degree of flexibility in the way in which the technology is applied, from manual operation to fully automated and integrated solutions.

Money Controls produces a variety of payment systems and associated products for the gaming, amusement, transport, ticketing, retail, and kiosk markets.

With many of the individual thermoplastic components used within the company’s products making use of threaded brass or steel inserts, Money Controls turned to Telsonic to provide the ultrasonic technology and systems required to ensure consistent quality and performance for volume production.

Three semi-automatic Telsonic systems are used to assemble both male and female insert types with M3 to M8 thread sizes to a range of component parts, with multiple inserts being attached to most items.

Each of the systems supplied by Telsonic is based upon a standalone USP2500 unit operating at 20kHz and delivering 1,000W via an SG22 generator.

The fixture arrangement used within the machines is capable of locating either the inserts or the moulded parts, as required for a particular component.

The predictable and controllable nature of ultrasonic technology ensures that each insert is assembled to the part to a pre-defined and measurable tolerance.

Using these systems, Money Controls has been able to take full advantage of the flexibility of the ultrasonic process, capitalising on the quick cycle time and saving energy, when compared with heat methods, with the ‘on-demand’ nature of the technology.

Ultrasonic systems have to conform to the guidelines laid down by the Health and Safety Executive in relation to safety guarding.

Money Controls had specific requirements in this area with a pneumatic folding concertina-style semi-automatic guard system in the loading area.

The loading guard system allows fast, ergonomic operator access for the number of processed parts and multiple set-ups, yet with a compact footprint, allowing efficient machine spacing within a dedicated ultrasonic inserting room within the factory.

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