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IFM Electronic’s predictive-maintenance vibration monitor now detects rolling-element-bearing failures and shaft-imbalance conditions, even where there is an explosion hazard.

The self-contained Efector Octavis has been available from IFM Electronic for some years, bringing peace of mind to plant operators and maintenance managers from food manufacturers to wastewater treatment engineers.

Now, IFM Electronic offers these bearing vibration monitors in designs suitable for Atex zones.

The VE111A and VE112A versions are suited to gas hazards in Zone 2 or dust hazards in Zone 22 with their 3G /3D rating.

While the VE111A monitors a frequency range of 3 to 6,000Hz, the VE112A monitors 0,125 to 500Hz.

To complement both, the VE113A has Zone 1 or Zone 21 approval that has been granted under the IECEx scheme.

Efector Octavis continuously monitors the machine’s operating condition and detects rolling-element bearing failures and shaft-imbalance conditions on critical plant equipment such as pumps, motors, mixers, compressors, fans and spindles.

Octavis is permanently mounted on plant equipment to continuously monitor a machine’s operating condition through vibration analysis.

Octavis has the processing capability to analyse a vibration signature and to predict failures in advance by sending an alarm output signal to a PLC or relay.

This can optimise machine availability and plant up-time.

The Efector Octavis monitor incorporates an accelerometer, analogue-to-digital (A/D) converter, digital signal processor (DSP) and diagnostic electronics in a 40 x 40mm package.

These electronic components enable the monitor to gather, process and interpret vibration data.

Configuration software is used on setup to input application parameters such as bearing types, shaft speed and output conditions via an RS485 cable.

These parameters allow Octavis to monitor only critical damaged frequencies in the vibration spectrum and ignore all external noise.

One Efector Octavis monitor can detect up to five different rolling elements on a machine or 20 individual frequencies.

ifm electronic specialises in the application of advanced electronic technology to produce innovative and effective solutions for industrial control applications.

Products include flow sensors; pressure transmitters and switches; temperature switches and transmitters; capacitive, inductive and photoelectric proximity sensors; and a full range of AS-i I/O modules and masters.

Details of ifm electronic's products and services may be obtained from our website, which has been carefully designed to provide the fastest, easiest way of finding exactly the right sensor for almost any application. Better still, once the correct sensor has been identified, the site also allows the data sheet to be downloaded almost instantly and, for most sensors, it even provides an interactive animated guide to achieving optimum adjustment.

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