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Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has introduced the Argweld Critical Weld Purge Monitor, which is designed for measuring residual oxygen levels in inert weld purge gases.

It is believed to be the world’s first purpose-designed and built monitor of this type.

The instrument measures and clearly displays actual oxygen levels as low as 0.001 per cent (10 parts per million).

The unit is menu driven by two adjustable buttons and has an internal alarm to alert an operator if oxygen level rises above a preset limit.

A signal can be used to terminate the welding operation should this level be exceeded.

An optional software package is available to allow a computer to be used to store and print results for quality-control purposes.

A low-cost sensor that has a very low maintenance requirement and an indicated five-year life expectancy is used.

An automatic pump is incorporated for extracting gas samples where it is not possible to deliver a constant flow over the sensor.

The Critical Weld Purge Monitor can be used and interfaced with all manual and automatic welding techniques, and by engineers requiring sensitive monitoring of low oxygen levels when joining the more reactive materials, such as titanium alloys and duplex steels.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited are the Worlds Premier manufacturers of Weld Purging Equipment for Stainless Steel & Titanium

Tungsten Electrode Grinders, Tungsten Welding Electrodes

Resistance Welder Electrode Force Gauges

Nylon, Aluminium & Steel Pipe Plugs and Inflatable Stoppers

The Company was established in 1975 and now has 35 years of trading history and experience HFT has become a brand name that is synonymous with being the first for weld purge.

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