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Athenea is the latest chlorine monitoring system for potable water networks from Halma Water Management (HWM).

It is an autonomous, battery-powered chlorine analyser that provides continuous monitoring of concentration levels and transmits data automatically via cellular telemetry.

This reduces the need for time-consuming on-site ‘spot’ testing and obviously allows for much more frequently updated results.

The product uses amperometric technology for chlorine measurement and records pH and temperature levels for complete and accurate analysis.

By using a power-saving process, battery life is maximised and a full charge will power the analyser for at least six months.

Drawing fresh water from the network for each reading means results are always current.

As no chemicals are used in the test the water can be either reintroduced into the network or siphoned off as waste.

The result is a system that requires no external power source, can be deployed anywhere, sends results automatically to a chosen remote location and produces accurate results comparable to those used at a mains-powered treatment works.

Athenea is therefore suitable for installation in tanks, reservoirs and non-powered network locations.

A portable version, housed in a Pelicase, is also available for survey use, where the unit’s waterproof IP68 rating will prove useful.

The analyser can be calibrated and programmed remotely and operates at a range of 0-20ppm, effective within 0-50C and pH 4-8.

Logged readings are then transmitted by a Radcom datalogger using GSM/SMS telemetry, providing open-protocol results compatible with any Scada system.

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