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Artesis has partnered with James Fisher Mimic (JFM) to integrate its motor condition monitor (MCM) solution with the marine company’s Mimic condition monitoring system.

The company said the combination of technologies has resulted in an efficient maintenance solution that is specifically targeted at inaccessible, high-cost, critical assets in the marine sector.

JFM has fully integrated the Artesis MCM solution to analyse motor current performance within its Mimic predictive maintenance product.

This detailed information, in conjunction with other maintenance data, provides an in-depth analysis and overall picture of machine health and performance.

The wireless methodology of the MCM solution is of particular importance to JFM’s customers.

Through the use of intelligent communications, it is ideal for high-cost equipment such as motor-driven assets on-board ships that are completely inaccessible but still require condition monitoring.

The wireless solution allows the monitoring of such equipment to take place in an electrical switch room, providing constant and reliable remote monitoring.

Since the integration of MCM technology into the Mimic condition monitoring system, interest from JFM’s users has been vast and varied; particularly with cruise line companies, for whom this technology would offer benefits in the monitoring of machinery space ventilation fans.

These particular assets are critical to the performance of onboard machinery and have an impact on the operational commitments of the vessel.

Failure in these fans would involve high-cost cranage bills, lost revenue due to unplanned downtime, as well as a loss of customer credibility.

The ability to monitor the performance of assets such as these and be alerted to potential faults long before it breaks down saves time, spare parts, prevents secondary damage and drives down maintenance costs.

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