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Monitran Technology has developed a digital-signal processing (DSP) unit for the real-time monitoring of turbine blade conditions.

The unit reflects live blade health by providing ‘traffic-light’ indicators: green for safe, amber for advisory and red for danger.

For each condition there is a programmable output capable of switching up to 30V at 5A, enabling the unit to be integrated into control circuitry and provide an automatic shut-down of the turbine if necessary.

The Monitran Technology DSP unit has four channels intended for use with an eddy-current probe and suitable trigger circuitry (such as the Monitran T3 unit).

It processes data relating to blade-tip-to-casing clearance and recognises blade-to-blade lead or lag issues.

The use of all four channels supports the placement of sensors at approximate 90deg intervals around the turbine’s casing.

A fifth channel on the unit is intended for a traditional accelerometer, so that vibration levels may contribute to the overall picture of turbine health.

In addition, all five channels feature digital first-in-first-out buffers for pre- and post-trigger recording, and can feed external digital recorders.

Once-per-revolution signals consist of one input and four synthesised outputs.

The unit is in a standard DIN rail-mount format, and measures 156 (L) x 86 (D) x 56mm (H).

It is available with the control panel integral to the unit or as a separate item.

Full remote monitoring and control of the unit is possible via multidrop RS454.

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