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Mono Nov has installed an L Series Discreen to upgrade the screening performance of one of South West Water’s combined sewer overflow (CSO) chambers in Cornwall.

South West Water first installed a Mono Discreen, featuring a 5.5mm screening aperture, nearly 20 years ago.

It limited flow into the downstream sewer and treatment works and controlled the aesthetic load carried into the watercourse.

The latest Mono Discreen features a screening aperture of 2.5mm.

It came with a new support framework to screen stormwater at a capacity of 900m3/h.

The Mono L Series Discreen can remove up to 95 per cent of solids, is self cleaning and does not blind or require manual raking or cleaning.

It is made of shafts fitted with discs that overlap and intermesh with corresponding shafts.

The shaft rotation forms a gentle conveying action of solids across the face of the screen to the discharge point, while allowing water to flow through the disc stacks.

Individual comb bars are fitted to the first and last shaft to eject screening solids for discharge back into the main flow or sump area.

This removes the need to collect and manually dispose of extracted debris, significantly reducing labour and disposal costs.

The individual discs on a Mono Discreen also allow easy, low cost maintenance should they need replacing.

The Discreen can fit various channel widths and depths.

It is suited to water abstraction intakes, inlet works, storm overflows and pump stations.

It can also be packaged with a Mono Muncher to screen and grind solids for the protection of pumps, or as part of a complete extraction package for screenings removal, compaction and dewatering.

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