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Photonfocus has added the MV1-D1312i-40-CL and MV1-D1312i-160-CL monochrome cameras to its range.

The company said the new models are equipped with all the standard features needed for common applications and offer high image quality.

The A1312i image sensor has been specifically developed for near-infrared applications of up to 1,100nm.

It is designed and fabricated in a 0.35um CMOS technology optimised for image sensors to achieve high sensitivity and peak efficiency.

Good image quality is achieved with sensor resolution of 1,312 x 1,082, 8 x 8um square pixels and more than 60 per cent fill factor.

The A1312i CMOS sensor has an extended spectral range covering 350nm to 1,100nm and has high near-infrared responsiveness (quantum efficiency ca 30 per cent at 1,000nm).

The camera is able to deliver up to 110fps at full resolution and it is possible to further increase the speed to thousands of fps by reducing the region of interest by horizontal and vertical windowing.

Irrespective of the frame rate, applications requiring sharp and smear-free images are possible with the fast global shutter of the MV1-D1312i cameras.

The cameras are able to start capturing a new image while outputting the current and so maximising the available exposure time and/or frame rate.

Without a cover glass, the A1312i sensor makes it possible to reduce the number of elements in the optical path, leading to maximised sensitivity while avoiding internal reflections and associated image artefacts.

The MV1-D1312i cameras feature Linlog – a sensor characteristic that offers a 120dB dynamic range.

This is ideal for applications requiring that very bright features do not saturate while also allowing detail to be seen in the dark areas.

This is particularly useful in intelligent traffic applications, where the high near-infrared capability is important at night but with the ability to handle oncoming headlights and still read number plates.

Other applications include day/night imaging, welding, and railway track analysis.

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