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Moog has introduced its Integrated Test Suite software, designed to allow users to run a large number of basic and complex tests with less reliance on test operators and specialists.

The software features advanced algorithms, modern workflow and a centralised database of tests and test data and enables engineers to set up and run tests quickly and efficiently.

The test suite leverages the performance of Moog hardware, including: electric and hydraulic systems; servo valves, drives and motors; and test actuators and controllers.

Features include flexible support of electric and hydraulic test systems, highly intuitive screens, ease of use for basic tests and junior operators, integrated modules for complex tests, and customisable screens to match specific processes.

The flexible software architecture offered in the test suite is designed around how customers use the software, and allows them to add more features when requirements change.

It provides access to four modules: Runner (to run and control tests); Replication (algorithms that replicate time history files); Sinesweep (to allow investigations on test specimen resonance frequencies); and Random Vibration (to produce a predefined frequency spectrum using fully randomised time signals).

All Moog test applications use the sidebar from the Integrated Test Suite, a tool that allows the user to connect to a controller and then monitor and control it.

It also facilitates creation, editing and running of controller scripts.

From the sidebar, all controller properties can be accessed, changed and monitored.

Monitoring can be done using digital, graphical or oscilloscope-based displays.

Each module can be used independently or combined as user requirements change.

The same module can be used for different test systems in the test laboratory.

Test data can be centrally accessed, improving testing speed.

The test suite supports multiple test systems.

These include Moog’s multi-axis test systems, hydraulic and electric simulation tables, its suspension test rig and its tyre-coupled simulation system.

Its central database allows easy exchange of information between different software applications and external systems.

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