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Moog has introduced a modular test controller intended for both simple and complex tests on components, materials and vehicles in the aerospace and automotive industries.

The modular test controller provides for efficient operation in a variety of testing applications, including shock absorber tests, single-axis test systems, and vibration and performance evaluation tests.

The design of the controller makes it accessible from the operator’s desktop while also allowing for easy integration into test machines on a network.

It can quickly interface with all commonly used sensors for movement of a single axis.

It includes control loops for force, displacement and acceleration control with bump-less transition.

Advantages of the controller includes: high reliability; access to all connectors from the same interface panel; and suitability for integration within test machines such as load frames.

A software development kit can be used to develop customised user interfaces or to connect to existing software.

Advanced safety checks are built in to ensure that the test article and test data are always protected.

The controller incorporates control loop technology, reducing the amount of time required for setup and actual running of tests.

It can interface with any hydraulic, electric or pneumatic actuator.

‘Plug and play’ with all connectors enables immediate integration, while an embedded disk card provides integrated data storage.

Powered by EtherCAT, it enables immediate integration into any test system.

The modular test controller supports the Moog Integrated Test Suite software.

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