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NSK is providing its S-design seal on all inserts up to 100mm for its RHP Self-Lube mounted bearing units, which are suitable for manufacturing, food processing and materials-handling applications.

The S-design seal, previously available only on Self-Lube units up to 45mm bore, offers greater robustness and lower torque operation.

It comprises a strong steel former, which is firmly secured in the outer ring of the bearing, allied with a flexible nitrile rubber sealing lip that contacts with the fine-ground finish of the inner ring to give low-friction performance and improved sealing capability.

The introduction of the S-design seal across the entire Self-Lube range expands the range of sealing options available with the bearings, which are used in tough operating environments.

Above the S-design is the Flinger seal for more hostile environments.

The Flinger seal provides increased levels of protection without any loss of rated bearing speed due to the non-contacting Flinger Seal lip.

It provides a first-line barrier against contamination and improves bearing life.

In the most arduous environments triple lip seals are fitted to protect the bearing and extend its life.

The Triple Lip Seal offers high levels of protection with three sealing lips that contact the bearing inner ring.

There can be some reduction in rated speed as a result of this configuration; however, in the applications where this seal is used – on agricultural machinery for example – this is not usually a problem.

The sealing efficiency and low-friction operation of all Self-Lube sealing options is greatly enhanced as the raceways on all Self-Lube inserts are super-finished.

This means that the bearings will run quieter in operation and that the lifetime of the bearings under marginal lubrication conditions is increased.

By providing bearing units that are ready assembled to bolt into place, Self-Lube units enable designers to easily and economically solve specific bearing problems, relating to component complexity, and mounting and bearing maintenance and life in difficult environments.

They are available in a number of versions to meet specific application requirements.

These include HLT versions for high- and low-temperature operations; stainless-steel moulded oil units for water/food applications; and corrosion-resistant Silverlube and Lifelube polymer housing units – the latter with moulded oil inserts for applications where contact with water and process fluids is unavoidable, chemical resistance is required and longer lubrication life is essential.


NSK, a global leader in motion and control products, has developed and continuously upgrades four core technologies: tribology, material engineering, analysis technology and mechatronics, to provide the platform for the company’s innovative product developments. This technology platform provides the basis for the design of NSK’s rolling bearings, automotive components and precision parts. In addition, by integrating these advanced technologies, NSK is able to respond quickly and effectively to customer requirements across all key sectors.

NSK is a driver of new technology developments, with a full line-up of products spanning general industrial, automotive and precision parts industries. These include bearings for mechanical and electrical machinery, IT and aftermarket; innovative automotive products such as electric power steering (EPS) automatic transmission components, steering columns and other steering related products; and precision linear motion components such as linear guides, ballscrews, X-Y tables, mechatronic products and Megatorque motors.

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