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Corrugated products manufacturer CBS Packaging has invested in a MCB-2 strapping machine from Mosca that enables the company to strap in the direction of the flute and reduce strap consumption.

Based in Birmingham, CBS has invested in its own corrugator, enabling the company to produce corrugated board in house.

Fast, reliable strapping is a must to ensure that CBS’s plant runs to optimum efficiency, and the company has already been using specialist corrugated strapping equipment from Mosca for this purpose.

Traditionally, machines strap against the direction of the flute, but CBS realised that changing the direction would enable it to reduce the amount of strap required, for improved cost efficiency and a reduction in overall packaging materials required for transport.

Mosca’s MCB-2 inline squarer bundle strapper is designed for straightforward installation and operation.

An electromechanical press for product compression is integrated into the strapping unit.

The squaring and strapping units are no longer designed as separate modules but are situated in one common welded steel plate machine body, making it easier to install and move if required.

The integrated squaring-strapping concept uses variable-frequency drives and brushless DC technology.

To simplify service and reduce downtime, the sealing head has been developed with a modular construction that can be exchanged.

Throughput capacity is 27 inline bundles per minute, and the machine straps products with standard machine-grade 5mm PP straps.

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