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MOST Technology is supporting the creation of more environmentally friendly automobiles.

Plastic optical fibre significantly reduces the weight of the wiring harness and the entire cable weighs approximately as much as the insulation used on an equivalent conventional copper connection.

Particularly for electric mobility, every saving is crucial because all the electrical energy has to be stored on rechargeable batteries before commencing travel.

On account of its physical properties, an optical transmission does not emit any electromagnetic fields.

Consequently, this simplifies the design of components against electromagnetic interference (EMI), such as eliminating the need for expensive cable shielding.

MOST is a ‘green’ technology, not just on the physical level of the transmission medium but also on the protocol level.

For example, the architecture of the network interface supports smart power management.

Vehicle models that have implemented MOST to date include the first hybrid vehicles – the Toyota Prius, the Toyota Crown Hybrid, the Lexus RX SUV and the Lexus HS250h sedan.

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