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Kontron has announced the BGA version of its embedded Mini-ITX motherboard KT690/mITX (BGA) for applications in gaming, digital signage, POS/POI, medical technology and industrial and panel PCs.

The KT690/mITX (BGA) comes with soldered AMD single-core Sempron 210U (TDP 15W) or AMD dual-core Turion Neo X2 L325 processors (TDP 18W).

For individual projects in large quantities the motherboards are available with up to eight different processors, which can be selected to suit customer-specific needs.

All versions are designed for the temperature range of 0C to +60C and include solid capacitators that have been integrated to increase long-term stability.

This makes the Kontron embedded Mini-ITX motherboard KT690/mITX (BGA) suitable for applications requiring reliability and cost-efficiency.

Total cost of ownership is said to be reduced due to the long life of the motherboard platform, tool and software readiness as well as Kontron’s care in revision control to ensure ease of platform maintenance and support.

The Kontron embedded Mini-ITX motherboard KT690/mITX (BGA) is suited to a range of cost-sensitive embedded applications that require decreased time-to-market and special government certifications, such as those found in gaming or medical.

These will benefit from Kontron’s lifecycle management and process certifications, such as ISO 13485.

The KT6090/mITX (BGA) is available with the AMD Sempron 210U or Turion Neo X2 L325 BGA processors paired with the AMD M690E and SB600 chipset.

In addition, two DDR2 sockets support up to 16GByte of RAM.

The integrated ATI Radeon X1250 graphics processor allows the motherboard to control two displays independently.

For VGA, the maximum resolution is 2,048 x 1,536pixels and 1,920 x 1,200pixels for LVDS and DVI-D.

Kontron offers low-profile PCI-Express add-on cards to easily implements and additional independent DVI (Kontron PCIe-DVI) or HDMI (Kontron PCIe-DVI-HDMI) interfaces.

For security critical applications, such as slot machines or medical PCs, a Trusted Platform Module is available.

Application-specific extensions can be implemented via the 1x PCIe x8, 1x mini PCI Express and 1x PCI slot.

Additionally, there are 2x Gigabit Ethernet connections executed via a dedicated Intel Ethernet controller, 10x USB 2.0 (six external, four internal), 2x PS2 for mouse and keyboard, 1x parallel port, 2x RS232 and eight-channel GPIO.

The embedded motherboard also has 4x Sata 150/300 with Raid 0/1/10 and 1x ATA133, and 7.1 HD audio rounds off the feature set.

The long-term available Kontron embedded Mini-ITX motherboard KT690/mITX (BGA) supports the complete Microsoft Windows family, including the Windows Embedded Standard 7.

In addition, Kontron offers support for Linux and Vxworks 6.8 (U210 only) and Coreboot.

Whichever operating system the OEM selects, a range of software tools is available for the hardware management to speed development and time-to-market.

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