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Rohm has developed the BD65491FV (one-channel) and BD65492MUV (two-channel) high-speed motor drivers for use in digital-camera lens-drive and home-appliance motor-drive applications.

In its new design, Rohm has combined a DMOS process with proprietary circuit technology, allowing the company to deliver a high-speed drive with low current consumption and low-voltage drive performance down to 1.8V, without a charge pump.

This has paved the way for parts with short turn-on and turn-off times, as well as a range of operating voltages, allowing their use to power mobile devices for extended periods of time, as well as home appliances needing power supplies of 10V and greater.

Along with their compact packages, the ability to eliminate at least two capacitors due to the removal of the charge pump will contribute to smaller application systems.

Rohm Semiconductor

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