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Motor Technology has announced that it is offering two ranges of servo drive positioning systems from LTI Drives: the C-line for general-purpose requirements and Servoone for demanding applications.

The C-line range is available in eight module sizes, covering 21 servo drives with power ratings from 24/48V and 8A to 210A.

C-line drives offer a solution for driving synchronous and asynchronous motors and feature the basic requirements of a servo axis including encoder interfacing, profile generator, CAM, PLC and category 3 (EN 954-1) safe stop functionality.

Servoone control technology features rated output currents from 4A to 450A and a wide variety of communication options such as Sercos II and III, Ethercat, CAN and Profinet.

The range is available in eight module sizes providing 16 air-cooled variants up to 210A and 15 liquid-cooled variants up to 450A.

Servoone is suitable for driving all types of synchronous servo motors, torque motors and direct drive linear motors.

It is also available in multi-axis configuration offering regeneration back into the mains and shared power supply concepts.

Motor Technology

For over 25 years Motor Technology has supplied servo and automation components, including motion controllers, servo drives and motors, feedback devices, precision gearboxes and couplings, all backed by our sales and technical support.

Our in-house design team has worked with some of the biggest names in industry to design and install drive and control systems, and provide solutions for everything from the relatively simple right the way through to the most complex and demanding of applications.

Catering to maintenance engineers we also offer a spare parts and in-house repair service. Whether you are looking for a replacement product or require an equivalent component, we are here to assist you. Drawing on our experience and knowledge of the servo and motion control market we can also source products from outside our standard range. Very often we can even replace out-of-date components by sourcing compatible products manufactured under license.

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