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Users of medium- and high-voltage motors and generators can benefit from maximum uptime of their application or process, following the setting up of a dedicated life cycle services team by ABB.

Customers have access to fully trained experts in motors and generators who have available a range of on- and offline technology that forms the backbone of a predictive maintenance programme.

The team aims to offer best-practice advice and to optimise maintenance planning for motors and generators by moving from time- to condition-based maintenance, extending a machine’s lifetime and boosting its return on investment.

ABB says the approach will minimise unplanned downtime and reduce risk levels, while ensuring that the machine operates at its peak performance throughout the life cycle of the application.

Depending on the age of the installed machine, ABB offers a series of inspection levels from L1 to L4.

Backing up these inspection profiles are a selection of tools that ABB has developed specifically for monitoring motors and generators, typically greater than 1MW.

One such tool is the life expectancy analysis programme (LEAP), which is a diagnostic method for assessing the condition of the stator winding insulation in electric machines.

LEAP provides information on the condition and expected life of the stator winding and enables machine maintenance plans to be drawn up.

When LEAP is used together with estimates of the time needed to repair or replace components, service can be performed during planned downtime, rather than during a costly emergency.

Testing and analysis are performed on a single occasion and can be combined with normal L1 to L4 maintenance.

This method reduces unplanned shutdowns caused by failures due to thermal, electrical, ambient or mechanical ageing, which could have been foreseen.

LEAP is supported by an online tool called Machsense-P, which addresses the reliability of cage induction motors, where problems related to the bearings, rotors and other mechanical components account for over 65 per cent of total failures.

It detects, monitors and diagnoses electromagnetic and mechanical problems in cage induction motors.

Machsense-P is a walk-around condition-monitoring service provided by ABB that specifically focuses on electric motors.

It provides an early warning system of impending or initiating defects, allowing more time and greater opportunity for efficient maintenance planning.

Together, LEAP and Machsense-P bring together a series of tests that have traditionally been carried out independently.

Should any major repair work be required to a motor or generator, ABB has signed partner agreements with major repair centres located throughout the UK.

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