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Motorcycle switchgear actuation forces

A leading German motorcycle manufacturer wanted to perform a series of tests to evaluate the actuation forces on its handlebar-mounted controls. The rider of a motorcycle needs to be able to activate the switches with ease, under all driving conditions, in order to operate the bike safely. The controls must also respond with a positive feel, with clear feedback that the function has been performed, whether actuated by the rider’s fingers or thumb. The company required a testing system which enabled each type of control to be tested, whatever the mechanical method of operation or the position and orientation on the bike.

Mecmesin’s engineers worked with the manufacturer’s testing team to design a fixturing system to meet several objectives. In was firstly necessary to secure the component module incorporating the control to be tested so that the direction of motion to operate the switch aligned with the axis of the probe—facilitated by the multiple location points on the test stand’s anvil plate. The small compression plate could then operate the control, whether a push-button, rocker, toggle or lever style of mechanism. Other components of the assembly also needed to be supported in order to test a complete module, representative of a manufactured sub-assembly. The delivered design was a complete test workstation for hand-operated switchgear. EmperorTM software runs the compression test and records the peak force required to actuate the switch. Emperor is able to respond to triggered external events via the I/O port of the MultiTest, enabling the linear distance moved to work the control to be easily determined and indicated on the results graph. This test system has enabled the company to continue to design stylish high-quality cockpit controls, combined with excellent ergonomics and safety of operation – for which the brand is renowned. With customer demand for more features and equipment (heated seats, cruise control, infotainment and connectivity, for example) these controls can be developed and located to fall to hand as readily as those for the fundamental functions such as lighting and turn indicators, and operated with ease.

A leading force and torque measurement specialist for over 40 years, Mecmesin designs and manufactures affordable, reliable and accurate test measurement equipment to suit a wide range of applications and customer requirements.

Quality Standards
Mecmesin’s range of test equipment is an affordable way to measure force and torque to BS, DIN, ASTM and ISO standards.

Operating under ISO 9001 quality standards, Mecmesin force and torque testers are used to guarantee the quality of components, materials and finished products, direct from the production line or within a QC laboratory. These checks help businesses maximise production and conform to international or in-house standards, whilst reducing the costs associated with excess wastage.

From simple hand-held instruments to fully-comprehensive computer-controlled test systems, Mecmesin designs products to suit many different test applications and budgets.

Force Test Systems
Mecmesin’s force test systems provide machine control of tension and compression testing plus many other test types via the addition of appropriate fixtures, such as flexure/bend, peel, pull-off/pull-out and top-load/crush resistance. A choice of load ratings, including high capacity up to 50 kN, and a range of physical dimensions cater for a broad spectrum of force testing applications.

Torque Test Systems
Mecmesin’s torque test systems provide machine control of the testing methods for all types of torque – breakaway, fastening, running and torque to turn. The ability to simultaneously apply an axial load to the sample is available on all systems. A choice of load ratings cater for a broad spectrum of torque testing applications, with the addition of a range of high precision systems suitable for measuring very low torque values and running with exact rotational alignment.

Application-specific Testers
Mecmesin also supplies a range of application-specific testers, designed to test to test to international standards for a diverse range of distinct test applications, such as coefficient of friction, pull testing of cables, page pull strength of books, automated bottle testing, testing muscle strength and testing sprayed concrete.

Force and Torque Instruments
Mecmesin’s manual force and torque instruments provide digital accuracy in test measurement combined with affordability and portability. Three digital hand-held gauges are available with convenient levels of functionality and ranges of capacity. These gauges can be paired with manual lever or wheel-operated test stands to perform basic tension and compression tests with increased repeatability.

Mecmesin’s range of manual, hand-operated torque testers enable the testing of rotational systems including container caps and tamper-evident closures.

Gripping a sample correctly for testing is a fundamental aspect of test repeatability.  Mecmesin supplies a full range of grips and fixtures for use with all our test systems and instruments.

In addition to our standard products, Mecmesin application engineers can design and manufacture test solutions to meet the needs of unique applications with specific criteria.  These typically include vacuum fixtures for preform packaging, cap mandrels to fit specific designs, grips for control devices with moving parts, jigs for bending awkward or large items, fixtures for torsion springs, guards and containment, and many more…

Our Customers
Providing a tailor-made service to create the ideal system with almost limitless testing capability, Mecmesin test solutions cater for a diverse range of industries:

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