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Motorsport aerodynamic pressure scanning

Race car aerodynamic optimisation continues to become more important in the search for performance advantage. A major part of a team’s budget is invested in enhancing and improving the aerodynamic performance of the car and a large team of aerodynamic specialists and facilities are employed in achieving this. Aerodynamic efficiency is a major contributor to a winning car. It is often said that a reduction in drag is less costly and easier to achieve than a weight reduction or a power increase. It is paradoxically challenging for the engineer to attain huge levels of downforce to enhance cornering performance without compromising car forward speed by increasing drag. Stringent regulations governing car shapes and sizes leaves the aerodynamicist considering every part in order to reduce drag and gain competitive advantage. Front and rear aerofoils, or wings, together with the bodywork surface push the car down to the road surface. Under the car, complex venturi shapes increase air velocity, creating a low-pressure “suction” effect, with minimal cost of drag. Winglets and other devices are fitted, in addition to the front and rear wings, to condition the flow for downstream aerodynamics, or directly generate downforce effects themselves.

Evolution Measurement Ltd

Evolution Measurement is a provider of physical and consultative solutions to your pressure, temperature and electrical measurement problems.

Evolution Measurement is a provider of physical and consultative solutions to your measurement problems.
We have experience of dealing with some of the world’s most recognisable businesses and our team have been entrusted with delivering functional solutions that deliver measurement excellence.
Evolution Measurement incorporates a team of highly experienced measurement engineers with over 100 years direct industry experience, who have worked with many companies, large and small to provide turnkey measurement systems and ATE (Automated Test Equipment).
We provide complete turn key solutions for pressure, temperature and electrical measurement including test, measurement, verification and calibration and take responsibility for delivering bespoke end to end solutions including software engineering, commissioning on your site and CE approval of the system, all backed up by fully supporting documentation and warranties.
We carefully select our partner Principals for their world class instruments and build a strong working relationship to ensure a smooth and efficient process for our customers.
Scanivalve Coporation manufacturers the world’s best precision pressure and resistance instruments including intelligent pressure scanners and ethernet intelligent pressure scanners, alongside a comprehensive range of accessories and tools to support all pressure scanners including plastic tubing, standard and custom length tubulations, multi-way pneumatic connectors in different sizes, manifolds and diagnostic instruments. Many items now held in stock in the UK for rapid despatch.
Guildline Instruments is the premier supplier of Metrology based electrical instruments, measurement systems and standards to the world’s national laboratories and has been since 1957.
Guildline manufactures a broad range of metrological instrumentation including: Quantum Hall Systems, Resistance and Thermometry Bridges, Teraohmmeters, Ultra-Stable DC High Current Sources, the world’s best DC Current Shunts, DC Voltage Dividers/References, Resistance Standards (both DC and AC), Power Analyzers, Wide Frequency AC Current Shunts, Transconductance Amplifiers, Fluid/Oil Baths, Air Baths, and the most advanced Automated Measurement Systems with a broad range of accessory products. Guildline also builds the world’s best salinometers. Their calibration laboratory provides some of the best uncertainties commercially available and is ISO 17025 accredited.
The Evolution Measurement team combine their expertise and excellent product range to bring to you the best solution for your needs, ensuring operational productivity and cost efficiency.

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