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The latest release of M+P International’s SO Analyzer software has important functionality for modal analysis, networked-based licensing and test automation applications.

For modal analysis, the modal assurance criteria (MAC) wizard has been extended to compare modal data from any two sources producing cross-correlation factors between all modes.

This feature enables different modal analysis results to be compared for consistency or measured data (EMA) to be compared with finite element models (FEM) for related mode identification, FEM validation and tuning.

This assists in improving analysis settings for more accurate mode extraction and also improves confidence in the final results, said M+P.

For multi-user installations, the Soflexnet module provides the capability of running a number of concurrent systems on a network, alongside the facility to detach a temporary license for a portable system.

In this way, off-site measurement licenses can be shared between engineers and added back to the office system for analysis and reporting activities.

For system administrators, full usage logging is provided with real-time information on current users and the option of remote log-out of clients if required.

Many monitoring and product test applications require comparative data and pass/fail or go/no-go indication.

The Reference and Limits tool allows profiles to be defined for overlay with any real-time display function.

Any number of different comparisons can be defined for single or multiple channel requirements.

Automation digital I/O signals can be programmed from within the SAX Basic macros for integration with external ATE.

Applications such as shaker test monitoring, end-of-line product testing and machine diagnosis can be performed.

This release is available free of charge to all customers with active support contracts.

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