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Trakya Cam Autoglass plant is planning for the future with EEU by replacing its Yaskawa Memocon SC GL60S controller with the MP2200 system to keep its glass furnaces running.

Since 1991, Trakya’s NSG furnace has been equipped with a Yaskawa Memocon SC GL60S controller, several servo packs, inverters, and associated motors.

When the customer discovered that the production of the Memocon system had been discontinued, Trakya contacted EEU with an interest in purchasing a spare part package in order to ensure that it remains fully operational in the upcoming years.

Due to the price of new controllers decreasing in the last 10 years, EEU responded with an offer of both a spare parts package and a concept to modernise the current Memocon system with the MP2200 controller.

The MP2200 system consists of the MP2200 controller with communication module, six I/O modules with a total of 192 inputs and 192 outputs and a coloured touch panel.

Once Trakya Cam Autoglass plant had compared the technical data and functionality of both systems, the company decided to replace the Memocon SC GL60S system; however, Trakya did not want any real downtime in production as its factory has a high volume of product orders to fulfil.

The company requested that EEU keep the installation and commissioning time of the new system to a minimum.

In order to fulfil this request, all engineering and testing of the system was completed in advance.

The target was to create a ‘plug-and-play’ solution.

EEU engineers would then exchange the controller, install the touch panel, connect all old cables to the new terminal blocks, remove all redundant cabling and finally test and inspect the new system.

The planned schedule for the new system installation was one week, including a day for travelling.

Due to the forward-planning and advance engineering and testing, EEU was able to complete the task in less than three days.

All that remained for the EEU team to do was to conduct a training session with the operators, mainly to illustrate how to operate the HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch panel.

As well as the faster performance of the MP2200 system, Trakya Cam Autoglass plant operators were impressed with the new HMI touch panel.

Changing production from one item of glass to another specification was made simple with this panel.

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