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MPC Data has announced the immediate availability of a Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 board support package (BSP) for the TI TMS320DM355 ARM926EJ-S-based multimedia microprocessor.

The BSP contains full production Codecs that work seamlessly with the Windows CE BSP running on the ARM core, using a custom Codec Engine developed by MPC Data.

This BSP and custom Codec Engine has been fully developed by MPC Data and targets the low cost TI DM355 EVM board.

It supports many key features of the DM355 evaluation board, including the on-chip MPEG-4-JPEG co-processor (MJCP).

Binary evaluation versions and demonstration builds are available free of charge for customers to test and exercise the chip and BSP.

The images can be loaded onto the EVM via a serial port and Ethernet without the use of a JTAG device.

MPC Data provides the complete source code through a one-time license fee without runtime royalties, for OEMs wishing to develop bespoke software.

The DM355 processor consists of an integrated video processing subsystem, MPEG-4-JPEG co-processor (MJCP), ARM926EJ-S core and peripherals.

The corresponding development tool, the DM355 digital video evaluation module (DVEVM) will help developers create portable, digital video devices with HD D1 video capability.

As well as the custom Codec Engine, the BSP includes all the drivers for the peripherals integrated in the DM355 on the DVEVM including NAND Flash, SD/MMC, NDIS 5.1, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, UART, USB 2.0 host, USB 2.0 function and display controller, as well as key features of the chip such as advanced power management framework and MJCP support.

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