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Roxar has introduced the Roxar Multiphase Meter 2600, which features ‘Zector technology’ offering new field electronics, electrode arrangements and voxel-based signal processing.

This allows many simultaneous sectors of the flow to be investigated at a rate of 12,000 measurements per second.

The technology can also measure flow regimes, mixing effects and velocity profiles and can detect rapid changes in composition.

The new technology measures multiple oil and gas-flow velocities as a function of its 4D location, for example near-wall velocity will be different to centre of pipe velocity.

Velocities will also vary over time because of composition, turbulence, viscosity and other effects.

The MPFM 2600 weighs 110kg and measures 650mm.

This compact size allows the operator to install the MPFM 2600 on individual wells.

The standard version of the MPFM 2600 is without radioactive technology and covers a range of 0 -100 per cent watercut and 0 – 100 per cent GVF.

For special applications or GVF (gas void fractions) above 95 per cent it is recommended to add a compact gamma density system to the meter.

The Zector technology has three main elements: the voxel-based signal processing, the DP26 electrode geometry and new impedance electronics.

The voxel-based signal processing defines the flow into separate volumes, also known as voxels or volumetric pixels.

The system, which operates alongside the electrode geometry and field electronics, is in 4D.

The MPFM 2600 is a multi-velocity system, which improves accuracy and performance in less than perfect flow conditions.

Near-wall measurements and cross-volume measurements also provide a comprehensive mapping of the dynamics of the flow.

The compact DP26 electrode geometry sensor allows for measurements in separate sectors in addition to the full cross-sectional area.

This results in more combinations and more-accurate fraction measurements and velocities for each segment.

The electrode assembly also comes with a new mechanical design with no internal wires or soldering points, making calibration simpler and faster and ensuring greater consistency between meters.

The new field electronics system allows capacitance and conductance measurements to be combined.

This allows operators to switch between oil and water continuous mode in a matter of seconds.

The MPFM 2600 overcomes the problem of variable surface resistance, which electrodes traditionally suffer from, by using four of the six electrodes in the six-electrode geometry for conductivity measurement.

A field-replaceable insert venturi allows extended service life and operating range and removes uncertainties in sizing meters based on uncertain production forecasts.

A compact isolation valve and a multi-transmitter for pressure, temperature and differential pressure, enable accurate differential pressure measurements.

The MPFM 2600 also includes an Analog Devices Blackfin Processor with low energy requirements.

This enables fast and extensive signal processing at the front-end electronics.

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