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The MPM85000 from SMSC combines all necessary peripheral functions to implement a MOST network interface such as diagnostics, status monitoring and power supply.

The MPM85000 is designed for power management of media oriented systems transport (MOST) devices.

It offers a small footprint of 4x4mm in a 24-pin QFN package, and can be used for all MOST speed grades and physical interfaces, whether an electrical physical layer (ePHY) or optical physical layer (oPHY).

The internal 3.3V regulator supplies power to the fibre-optical receiver (FOR) for the plastic-fibre-based oPHY interfaces.

While in sleep-mode, the MPM85000’s current can be reduced to 30uA, which fulfils today’s requirement to lower overall power consumption within a car.

Additionally, the monitoring logic detects switch-to-power and wake-up events, and observes temperature and up to three configurable voltage levels.

All operational states are reported to the MOST intelligent network interface controller (INIC) and to an external host controller (EHC).

SMSC’s MPM85000 includes an integrated diagnostic LIN transceiver that supports ring-break diagnosis, wake-up and diagnostics communication according to the electrical control line specification (ECL).

The internal power-on-reset generator allows a save-power-up for the INIC, the EHC and, if used in MOST25 and MOST150 networks, also for the fibre-optic transmitter.

Implemented in MOST50 devices, the MPM85000 supports network activity detection on the ePHY interface for wake-up via the MOST network.

The MPM85000 focuses on the MOST-specific power management and does not include specific application power supply functionality.

This makes it generically useable across all kinds of devices, independent from their specific power supply requirements regarding voltage and power.

Therefore, the IC can be used in all types of devices from small node setups such as amplifiers to complex head units.

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