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MPS meat processing systems is installing Electrone Europe’s 720 IP keypads as part of an auction system in its new MPS slaughterhouse development.

The auction house project includes five individual auction rooms, each containing 20 bidding chairs.

The Electrone 720 IP keypad will be installed on each chair, allowing buyers to place their bid electronically.

MPS meat processing systems plan to have all auction houses installed with the new technology by mid 2009.

The keypad features a 2×16 LCD character display and a 17-key arrangement.

It meets the RoHS environmental standard.

Additional wipe clean models are available for harsh, dirty or dusty environments such as schools, hospitals and industrial sites.

Stuart Thorn, president and chairman of Electrone Europe, said: ‘The Electrone 720 IP will be enhanced in the future by Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability.

‘Electrone aims to release this to the market by early 2009.’


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