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Vaisala has introduced the newest addition to its line of data loggers for continuous monitoring — the Mid-Range (MR) logger, which is designed for applications where speed and economy are critical and regulatory scrutiny is less stringent. Applications for the MR data logger range from drug discovery and early-phase clinical trials, blood and tissue banks, hospitals and pharmacies to semiconductors and server rooms.

MR series data logger

Combined with the Vaisala continuous monitoring system (CMS) the MR loggers allow users to create presentation-quality reports that are automatically exported to PDFs and spreadsheets.

The company created the logger to provide an economical option for customers seeking the quality and reliability of a Vaisala device and the ease of use of the viewLinc software, but with simplified calibration and validation processes.

According to senior product manager Jon Aldous, the data loggers offer continuous recording, dependable alarming and easy reporting, but with accuracy appropriate to most industrial settings, rather than a very demanding environment — for example a chamber that must be calibrated to ICH standards. 

Key features and benefits

  • Calibrated measurement temperature range is -55°C to +50°C
  • MR logger is available in six models, including single-channel temperature, two-channel temperature and contact input, four-channel with temperature and contacts or two-channel temperature and humidity
  • Two options are available for scaled-down, efficient validation: the Express IQOQ and the Rapid IQOQ
  • The logger ensures continuous recording, dependable alarming and easy reporting
  • It is suitable for applications where regulatory scrutiny is less stringent but speed and economy are critical

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From power and pharmaceutical to marine and plastics, most industries can benefit from the monitoring of relative humidity, dewpoint, moisture in oil, oxygen and barometric pressure in their processes. These measurements help to ensure the quality of compressed air and lubricating oils just to name a few. Vaisala’s offering ranges from lightweight hand-held instruments and OEM models to configurable, customized fixed mount transmitters designed to meet even the most stringent demands.

The standard delivery time for a custom built product from our factory is just three business days and when it’s time for recalibration, our regional Service Centers offer express services.

With over 70 years of experience, more than 20 offices worldwide and thousands of customers in over 120 countries, Vaisala is known as a leader in innovating, manufacturing and servicing high-quality instruments and systems. Our products have been designed to meet the customer’s measurement needs in the most demanding industrial processes and controlled environments.

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