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Custom sampler probes for periodic testing of engine lubricants have been manufactured by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRandP).

The probes incorporate design features that are said to make extracting lubricant samples from off-highway equipment transmissions clean and simple.

Each tubular sample probe consists of a 12in long, clear PVC plastic tube, a 1.5in long, flow-through stainless-steel needle and a custom moulded component that integrates needle and tube.

MRandP improved the design of the custom moulded component, adding a specially designed flange that facilitated insertion of the needle tip in the septum to the correct depth.

This made assembly of the three components faster and more precise while improving functionality for easier use.

Extracting and testing lubricant from engines in tractors, trucks and similar heavy-duty equipment is important for proper maintenance.

If lubricant quality degrades too far, engine failure can result.

Changing lubricants prematurely is costly.

With several gallons required for an engine or transmission, an economical approach is to periodically extract and analyse lubricant for viscosity and contaminants.

This sampling probe device makes periodic testing easy while helping to maintain warranty on equipment that often receives hard use and then sits idle for long periods of time.

The flexible, clear PVC tube shows lubrication flow through and allows for a quick inspection.

Designed as a disposable, one-time use product, these probes are individually bubble-sealed packaged for clean storage until needed.

Using automated manufacturing and assembly equipment, MRandP produces and packages these probes in large quantities.

The single-use sampler probe is an example of the capabilities of Minnesota Rubber and Plastics to improve a product design and produce it cost effectively.

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