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Skywave and the American Millennium Corporation (AMCi) have announced that the MT3000 mobile satellite communications terminal has received UL Class 1 Division 2 (groups A, B, C and D) classification.

This extends its applications to include operation in high-risk environments containing volatile or flammable vapours and gases.

The demand for the remote management and tracking of assets in the oil-and-gas, mining and environmental industries continues to grow.

AMCi uses the MT3000 satellite communications terminal as part of its suite of remote monitoring solutions for the natural-gas industry.

The ability of the MT3000 terminal to support multiple sensors and to communicate using the Modbus-RTU protocol provides a cost-effective solution to monitor many devices on a single compressor panel.

The MT3000 functionality allows AMCi to provide additional services to its oil-and-gas customers, such as notification from the field of important events such as first-fault shutdown information, temperature and pressure readings and messages from annunciators and controllers.

In addition to support for sensor inputs and Modbus, the MT3000 satellite terminal features a rugged enclosure, a discrete size and over-the-air configuration, making it suitable for oil-and-gas applications such as compressor, cathodic protection and security monitoring.

The onboard computer allows customers to create customised solutions that fit their needs.

The MT3000 terminal communicates over the Inmarsat satellite network, the industry standard for two-way satellite communication, low-message latency, performance and reliability.

The device offers ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life.

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