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MTC Software has released laser support enhancements to ProNest, its advanced nesting software, to enable laser users to improve productivity and part quality.

ProNest utilises updated post processors, unique to each laser brand and model, to produce advanced NC code that can control virtually all OEM features on a specific laser system.

The intuitive, easy to learn ProNest interface allows for complete automation of most functions available through the post processor, simplifying programming operations.

Process parameters and leads spreadsheets have been updated with improved data, which was gathered from countless hours of real-world testing, performed in collaboration with ProNest users and machinery resellers.

On lead-ins, the pierce can now be positioned at the centre of a hole with extreme accuracy, while still allowing for complete control over the lead-in arc size.

In addition, lead-ins can now automatically adjust to accommodate smaller profiles with no manual manipulation, resulting in noticeably improved hole quality.

Collision avoidance includes automatic internal profile sequencing and an intelligent, automatic leads relocation feature, which is designed to reduce traverse time and improve productivity.

Traversing with the cutting head down, as opposed to performing a full retract between every pierce, speeds up production time and reduces machine wear and tear.

This technology also allows users to move away from using tabs as a means of preventing tip-up scenarios during the cutting process, since collision avoidance automatically optimises lead-in placement and internal/external sequencing to avoid instances in which a head crash may occur.

By design, ProNest will decide whether a full raise or an avoidance move (traversing around a tip up scenario) is required.

This may also be controlled manually by the programmer.

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