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MTI Systems has announced the release of its Costimator V10.0 cost-estimating software.

Cost modellers in the latest version of Costimator can convert between English and metric.

If a cost model was created in English and is used in a metric part, all the measures of the displayed values will appear as metric units.

According to the company, 80 new process-, feature- and product-type cost models have been added to the cost-modeller library.

The work centre database now has the ability for the allowance, setup base and setup per tool to be individually set for each plant.

A sequence-of-standards feature allows the user to change the order in which standards are displayed when an operation is added to a part.

Only those work centres available for a specific plant are displayed when developing an estimate for that plant location.

Costimator V10.0 now gives users the ability to input a formula into any numeric input box.

By using the ‘save as’ feature, the user can save the current part under a new part number.

This will treat the current part as a new part and will not rename or delete the previously saved part.

Costimator now also includes export scripts of each of the Costimator stock reports.

The softawre is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Costimator V10.0 includes completely updated documentation and online help files.

The Costimator link has been updated to work with Jobboss 11.1.0.

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