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Multenet Technologies has announced the launch of its dual-Sim Hsupa router – a 3G router supporting 3G, GPRS, Edge, HSDPA and now Hsupa (High-Speed Upload Packet Access).

Phil Blain, Multenet’s marketing director, said customer demand for higher bandwidth has been exceeded with this router.

‘Hsupa allows uploads of 15 times the rate of previous technologies,’ he added.

With HSDPA, a theoretical upload speed of 384Kbps was possible, while Hsupa allows 5.76Mbps (5,760Kbps).

Blain said Multenet developed the Hsupa router when customers asked for a facility to transfer large amounts of data, such as real-time video streaming.

Applications such as surveillance made the upload portion of the bandwidth configuration especially critical.

The latest router costs 45 per cent less than its predecessor, the HSDPA variety.

Multenet has expedited the issue of connectivity, including the steps involved in signing up with ISPs and obtaining Sim cards for routers, as well as communicating point-to-point across cellular networks.

Both these issues were resolved with the launch of Multenet’s Private APN, a private network specifically designed for Multenet clients.

Multenet Private APN clients receive Sim cards with statically assigned IP addresses upon sign up, and upon activation are immediately able to communicate point-to-point across the cellular network.

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