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Ishida Europe will launch a multi-head weigher for citrus fruits and root vegetables at Emballage 2010 on 22-25 November 2010.

The company will also showcase a high-speed tray packing line, weighers for fresh products and an advanced X-ray inspection system.

The new multi-head weigher, the CCW-RS-214/70-SS, offers a cost-effective solution for the fast and gentle handling of large, bulky items such as oranges, limes, lemons, potatoes, onions and similar fresh produce.

The weigher allows a controlled product flow while minimising collisions and bruising in the weighing process, at the same time maintaining a high production output for the large target weights being handled.

Features include a durable urethane coating on the dispersion feeder table, smooth edges on the feeders and hoppers, gentle transfers between radial feeders and hoppers, silicone liners in the hoppers and a gently sloping discharge chute.

The total design not only aids product handling but also reduces the noise generated while still providing fast packing speeds of up to 60 packs per minute from 500g to 5,000g.

Higher weights are possible using multiple dumps.

The high-speed tray packing line combines Ishida’s advanced weighing and tray sealing systems to efficiently handle fresh meat and ready meals.

Product is weighed into trays, sealed and labelled, the seals are leak tested and the labels are optically inspected before the trays are placed into Eurocrates.

The line incorporates a high-speed Ishida RS-216 multi-head weigher, with excellent weighing accuracy to maximise production throughput, a fast and efficient tray sealer (the Ishida QX-1100), an MR labeller, a seal tester with an integrated vision system and an Ishida IPS pick-and-place system, which offers many options in tray packing and crate layout.

The company will also demonstrate solutions for the weighing of difficult-to-handle products such as sticky meat, poultry and ready meals.

The CCW-R-214 screw feeder weigher incorporates rotating corkscrews to replace the traditionally used radial feeder troughs, providing a controlled and fully automatic product feed to the pool and weigh hoppers.

Another solution for fresh, sticky products is Ishida’s NZ-106 fresh food weigher (FFW), which features a linear multi-head design fed by belts from an infeed table.

Operators are stationed within comfortable reach of the product infeed and adjust the flow of product so that each pool hopper receives a roughly equal amount.

Also on show will be the company’s IX range of X-ray inspection systems that can detect a variety of contaminants including metal, glass, bones, shells, stones, hard rubber and plastic.

The machines incorporate self-learning Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology, which offers maximum detection sensitivity and reliability, with advanced models detecting impurities down to 0.3mm in size and also spotting missing items or damaged products.

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