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Tornos has reported that its MultiAlpha 8×20 range of multi-spindle automatic turning machines are being used by Stryker to improve the production of medical parts.

Motorex high-performance machining fluids are being used on the machinery.

In its Stryker Spine plant in Switzerland, high-tech products such as implants and poly-axial screws are produced for spinal surgery purposes.

The production of complex components is renowned for needing several separate machining steps, which often involves using different machines that require multiple fixture settings.

Throughput time lengthens and the repeatability of precision levels starts to diminish, making the manufacture of components for the medical technology sector more expensive, since these are very niche products.

Stryker Spine is using the MultiAlpha 8×20 from Tornos for repeatability, precision and speed.

The MultiAlpha has eight motor-spindles capable of operating at different speeds, and this was customised to include a combined tailstock machining facility, two programmable manipulators and in integral workpiece extraction unit.

Tornos said the MultiAlpha 8×20 provides optimum cutting values in every machining situation and has a blocking and positioning fixture on every spindle.

This provides Stryker with a high level of productivity and flexibility.

With scope for implementing a diverse range of tools and a universal programming system, Stryker said it is confident that it has the most efficient machine tool partner for its facility.

Every year, Stryker Spine processes tons of titanium alloy (soft), stainless steel (tough) and chrome-cobalt (extremely tough).

These materials could not be more different from one another.

The same is true of the machining steps involved, with all operations – from turning to milling – always performed at the optimal cutting speed.

This application profile imposes extreme demands on the machine tool and cutting oil.

In particular, the fast dissipation of heat and the cooling action of the cooling system integrated in the oil circuit are key factors in the process of maintaining dimensional integrity.

At Stryker Spine, work is carried out to the nearest micron.

Demonstrating this accuracy achieved by the Tornos MultiAlpha 8X20, only a 1C change in the temperature of the cutting oil would have an impact on the dimensional integrity of the workpiece.

This means that the front doors of the machine should only ever be opened in genuine emergency situations.

In particular, it is on the MultiAlpha 8×20 that the true benefits of the Motorex Ortho NF-X formulation can be seen.

The heat between workpiece and tool tip resulting from the high cutting pressure and the optimum cutting speed is utilised to enhance high-pressure stability.

This is of particular benefit during machining operations.

The homogeneous and stable film of lubricant between tool blade and workpiece acts as a protective cushion.

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