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Guyson has recently supplied a Kerry Microclean multi-tank aqueous cleaning unit to remove swarf and machining oil from a range of hydraulic components to the ISO4406:1999 cleanliness standard.

The components incorporate internal holes and the combination of ultrasonics, agitation and underwater jet spraying is said to deliver good cleaning in a fully automated system, resulting in a successful validation to the standard for residual particles counted at five and 15 micron size in a defined volume of liquid.

All Kerry Microclean units are designed for use with safe aqueous cleaning fluids and this four-stage system includes a high-intensity ultrasonic cleaning tank, an immersion rinse tank, high-intensity ultrasonic rinse tank and a warm-air drying system.

An Autotrans work transfer system automatically moves the baskets between cleaning stations and ensures consistent, repeatable quality while increasing throughput.

The Autotrans Major Mk4 transporter integrates with both feed and exit conveyors for a fully automatic operation.

The three cleaning stages each comprise AISI 316L stainless steel 52-litre capacity tanks with an acid-passivated finish, and during cleaning the component basket is vertically agitated up to 30 times per minute via the Autotrans to provide maximum wash solution movement around and inside the components.

The components are positioned on an inclined cradle inside the basket; this is to hold them at a slight angle as opposed to horizontal to allow water to naturally drain out of the components.

The initial wash stage has multiple high-efficiency module transducers permanently bonded to the base of the tank.

These are driven by a Guysonic 1kW high-efficiency generator and Primewave controller with automatic tuning to ensure peak performance, and LED bar graph power indication, operating at 36kHz.

The cleaning fluid together with any floating debris is drawn over the weir and the debris is then removed by the action of filtration.

The filtered solution is returned to the tank by means of a sparge pipe to aid cleaning.

Liquid level protection ensures that the ultrasonics, heating and filtration are prevented from operating when the liquid in the tank is at a low or high level.

The immersion rinse stage incorporates high-flow underwater jetting to dislodge any machined swarf or debris from inside of the main bore of the cylinder.

This stage also has a built-in weir to separate off floating particles, and filtration on this unit consists of a coarse pre-filter and final filter (20in/10 micron) complete with pressure gauge.

This is followed by an ultrasonic rinse stage, again equipped with Guysonic 1kW high-efficiency generator and Primewave controller.

This final rinse stage again incorporates weir facilities to remove any further potential contamination and when the components are lifted clear of the final rinse they are repeatedly slowly lifted and lowered through an air-knife blow-off curtain directed up the barrel of the cylinder.

The Autotrans then moves the basket into the final hot-air drying section.

The hot-air dry stage is fabricated from AISI 316L stainless steel and clad in high-efficiency thermal insulation and incorporates a pneumatic lid fitted to contain heat and improve the drying efficiency.

This thermostatically controlled electric heated unit is fitted with temperature indicator and timer.

The unit has a maximum temperature of 120C and features re-circulating warm air being drawn in through the base of the chamber to the centrifugal impellor; it is then compressed and fed to two air outlets mounted midway and to the top of the rear wall of the chamber, converging ducts prior to the outlets, increasing the air velocity for rapid drying.

The basket is then finally lifted out of the drying stage and deposited on the gravity conveyor tracks of the exit table to wait unloading.

Gravity conveyors allow the cleaning system to be fully automated when interfaced with the Autotrans.

Conveyors are supplied with ‘basket present’ and ‘conveyor full’ proximity switches, which provide the appropriate signals to the Autotrans.

The entire cleaning unit is housed within a secure safety enclosure and a safety interlocking system only allows personnel within the operating work area while the machine is stationery.

Prospective users of Guyson automated cleaning systems are encouraged to submit sample components for free feasibility testing to the company’s development workshop in Skipton, UK.

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