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The Multiedge Double 8 universal face milling cutter from LMT (UK) is able to carry indexable milling inserts with 16 cutting edges for roughing and finishing cycles.

The Multiedge Double 8 allows high feed rates to be maintained, but due to the number of cutting edges available, stock levels of inserts can be reduced.

In a customer trial involving face milling the joint faces of dies at 180m/min, removing 60cm3 of stock material a minute, tool life was not only increased by 25 per cent but due to the availability of 16 indexable edges, positioned eight per side of the double-sided insert, the total number of cutting inserts normally required for the job was reduced by half.

The combination of the range of Multiedge Double 8 cutter bodies and inserts can be used for roughing and finishing steel and cast iron with the availability of two insert sizes of 12.7mm and 16mm.

The diameters of the monoblock cutter bodies range from 32-160mm with between three and 19 insert pockets according to the size of the body.

Due to the lower axial forces involved from the design of the insert, even when roughing, the surfaces created are flat and smooth.

Inserts are available in carbide grades LC225T, LC240T for use with or without coolant for steel and LC610T for cast iron.

LC225T is a high-wear resistant grade with high orders of toughness for wet and dry milling at high cutting speeds using low to medium depths of cut and chip loading.

The LC240T grade is more suitable when medium to high cutting speeds and chip loading is required.

The LC610T cast iron grade is wear resistant, maintaining high levels of edge stability under conditions when high cutting speeds with low to medium depths of cut and chip loading are required.

It can also be used for fine finishing high strength and non-ferrous materials.

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